Our CEO gives a lecture on block chain business

Our CEO will give a lecture at the event of block chain business.

Through this seminar, which consists of 8 rounds, students will understand the basics of technologies and regulations on block chains and virtual currency, utilize it for existing business and create new business. Our CEO Hiroshi Shimo will take part in the 5th round and will discuss block chain business.

Blockchain & Virtual currency | Learn from the basics “Block Chain” and “Virtual Currency” Business ~ 24 hours to acquire the basic knowledge of technology and law and create business ~

Round 5: Block Chain Course III July 15 (Sat)
We will analyze and explain the latest information on block chain business and introduce and explain the technical revolution created by block chain technology that will occur in the future.

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Consensus Base is the first company in Japan specializing in blockchain technology and provides advice, consulting, development and education as a company with specialized knowledge and technology.

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