KARUTA Digital Asset Issuing Platform

Karuta is a platform for easily issuing and managing game assets and trading cards using blockchain.

What you can do with KARUTA

  • Publishing and managing game assets using blockchain
  • Minting in-game currencies using blockchain
  • Sales and trade management of assets and tokens
Set parameter each token
Token ID Management

Image of KARUTA utilization

Connect existing games with API, record in-game character items in the Ethereum blockchain, and manage game assets
KARUTA utilization
Assign a responsible person by game title, and manage game assets in each
Management game asset

Advantages of KARUTA

  • Anyone can easily create card games
    • You can issue cards quickly in a few steps with UX like registering game item masters.
    • Card categories and parameters can be set freely (characters, skills, items, etc.)
  • It would be nice if there was only a game development team.
    • With KARUTA, no blockchain engineers are needed.
    • Since you can also issue cards in the test net, debugging during development is also smooth.
  • Revenge in the end of service title
    • Get ready to use sleeping game resources
    • Enter the Blue Ocean market at a low cost
    • If you can establish a base, all you have to do is keep selling the cards.

Future Plans

  • Provide KARUTA on the Azure Marketplace to make it easier to deploy in a cloud environment.
  • We will introduce a distributed exchange (DEX) to open a market where you can trade cards between users. Once the market matures, you will be able to monetize with card fees.

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