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CBNode Ethereum High Reliability API Service

CBNode is a service that provides reliable API endpoints for the development and operation of Ethereum. High availability and reliability are achieved by comparing and returning API responses from other companies and our full nodes.

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Developers and operators simply switch the address of the endpoint to which they want to connect to CBNode, which can be used as it is in Truffle and elsewhere.
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What you can do with CBNode

Increased availability
  • By using a combination of multiple node hosting services, you can continue the service if the other services are healthy, even if one hosting service does not respond.
Improving development speed
  • With consensus-base nodes, synchronized full nodes can be readily available, significantly reducing the environmental readiness time for development.Reduce the cost of maintaining and operating nodes.
Improved quality of service (response speed, certainty)
  • By using a combination of both other companies, Consensus Base’s, and node hosting, we provide a variety of service quality improvement functions, such as using the fastest response results and checking whether multiple queries are equal.

Why use CBNode?

  • No need to synchronize nodes that take weeks.
Low management costs
  • No cost of node management is required. It is possible to reduce the development effort and node management effort to improve client defects and upgrade response effort, API trust.
Increased availability
  • Reduce reliance on specific node hosting services (continue service even if is temporarily stopped)
Improved reliability of API response data
  • It can only be executed when multiple APIs return the same response.
  • You don’t have to trust certain APIs.
Geographical decentralization (planned in the future)
  • Get the latest response sat in Japan, the Americas, Europe and other countries around the world (solving problems caused by split attacks and network data inconsistencies)
Client version selection (expected in the future)
  • You can immediately switch to a stable version to continue service when a bug in a specific version of a particular client occurs.

How to use CBNode

  1. The reception you wish to use (we will hear the purpose and what kind of configuration you want to make)
  2. I get the connection information to etc. and set it manually on our side.
  3. After configuration, please give the IP address of the endpoint.
  4. Start using

For inquiries about our services, please contact us.

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*Please contact us from the support in the lower right corner of the page screen.