blockchain,faq These are frequently asked questions. For inquiries, please call the following, or send an e-mail to support at, thank you.
What is the company doing specifically?
It is the newest technology on the Internet called block chain, so it may be less familiar. Currently, world-renowned financial institutions are researching, investment in the world is rising, and it is a very promising field. If you would like to hear more information, please ask consulting or lecture.
I’d like to ask for development?
We will contact you so that we can suggest the best technique and operation method, so please contact us.
From managers
I would like to know whether Block Chain technology can be used for my business. What about short- and medium-term costs? I would like to consult with you.
We will do consulting. Please do not hesitate to contact us we can help you to connect with your business as well as technology.
From those in charge of FinTech/block chain in company
“Although it is said block chain comes next at the company, I do not really know what to do. ” ” I studied block chain, but..” “Although I often see them in web articles, the more I examine it, the less I understand it.”
We will answer in an easy-to-understand way the questions such as “what is block chain technology in the first place and how can I make use of it.” In consulting, we provide knowledge of the latest block chain technology and will support flexibly.
From those in charge of internal block chains
“There is an image of development, but I do not really understand it actually.”
Regarding development, we will first diagnose whether your problem can be solved with block chain technology in a neutral position, and will continue to link from demonstration development to demonstration experiments. Please contact us for details and any questions.
From those in charge of internal education
“I do not know the block chain well, but there is a demand that ‘I want to actually touch or practice on it.'”
“I want to nurture engineers in the company’s internal block chains.”
Consensus Base makes the best use of the latest expertise and conducts internal education and seminars for companies.
We also have a workshop actually using a personal computer for engineers. Please consult us and we will assemble flexibly to various levels.

For inquiries about our services, please contact us.

Consensus Base is the first company in Japan specializing in blockchain technology and provides advice, consulting, development and education as a company with specialized knowledge and technology.

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