Business Consulting

Consensus Base is a consulting company specializing in blockchain.
We provide consulting services for companies that want to solve problems by using blockchain technology, customers who want to start up new businesses, and companies’ problems in their respective fields. In particular our strength is that you can consult with us about the advantages of investment and financial services, as well as technical solutions.

Specific blockchain-related business consulting

Past consulting experience

  • SoftBank Corp.(International donation)Information
  • Daiwa Institute of Research Holdings Ltd. (Myanmar Capital Market) Information
  • GMO GlobalSign(Identity authentication system development)Information
  • NEC Corporation(Technical consulting, co-writing e-book)Information
There are many achievements including major companies.

Confidential projects

  • Consulting for telecommunications companies
  • Consulting for a cryptocurrency exchange
  • Consulting for e-commerce business using blockchain
  • Ethereum application development and consulting

An example of an inquiry

Consensus Base has received many inquiries on projects using blockchain technology. Here are some examples of inquiries.

  • Example1:
    I heard blockchain is not good at database usage and data analysis so far.
    How can we utilize the characteristics of blockchain technology in supply chain finance?
  • Example2:
    I want to raise funds using blockchain technology. What are the ways?
  • Example3:
    From what to think about which business in the company should introduce blockchain technology
    What should I do?
  • Example4:
    Because there is a thing that I want to solve the service of my company that I am developing now using blockchain technology.I want you to take an inquiry.

Inquiries vary depending on the characteristics of each industry and industry.
First of all, please contact us .

For an inquiry, please use the Support Button at the bottom right of the screen.