CryptoCards Digital Asset Distribution Platform

CryptoCards is a digital asset distribution platform that allows you to register and sell intellectual property such as trading cards on the blockchain as digital assets.


Trading cards are cards with various types of designs that are sold and distributed on the assumption that they exchange (trade), collect (collection), or compete.

 The Japanese market size of real trading cards for gaming has been in a lull since it topped 100 billion yen in 2011, and has recovered 100 billion yen again to 104.6 billion yen in 2016.
 In addition, the global market for digital trading cards, which began full-scale deployment in 2014, reached approximately 150 billion yen.

 Many of the digital trading cards used in the game are managed by the servers of the game management company, so cardholders are not free to exchange cards. There are various challenges, such as the number of cards lost when the game is finished service and the value of the card becomes zero.

 On the other hand, in the world of blockchain, there is a kitten breeding game that runs on the blockchain foundation Ethereum called CryptoKitties. Each animal has different DNA information and is recorded in the blockchain as a digital asset, allowing holders to freely purchase, nurture, cross and sell.
 However, it is not easy for companies without blockchain knowledge to service intellectual property such as their own games and characters as digital assets on the blockchain, such as CryptoKitties.

 Therefore, by using blockchain technology that can record digitized intellectual property such as trading cards in a form that can not be tampered with in a form that is almost impossible, registered on the blockchain as a digital asset like CryptoKitties, CryptoCards will be the platform that can be sold in a variety of ways.

CryptoCards Features

  • Trading cards, of course, items, skins, illustrations, can sell any intellectual property digitized, such as photographs
  • Can be linked with service functions tailored to the application of cards, such as game development
  • Serial number granting and management function (ERC721) responds to a variety of collaboration models, such as sales consignment and own brand store management, in accordance with customer’s requirements

Examples of how to use

  • Distribute and sell social game card images to users after the game ends
  • It ships with QR code paper when selling real card card cards, enabling users to acquire, buy, and complete rewards for digital cards.

Service image using CryptoCards

As a site for the sale and sale of digital trading cards, users purchase and sell cards issued on the blockchain using the cryptocurrency “Ether”.
Buy cards using a dedicated UI
Buy a card

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