System Development Service

 Consensus Base will enable customers to conduct field trials, implement blockchains, and achieve business success through technical consulting and system development services.

The difficulty of system development using blockchain

 System development using blockchain is different from conventional web application development.If you develop a development plan without accurately understanding the characteristics of the blockchain in the form of “write data to the blockchain instead of the database”, it can be irreversible.

For example, can you answer the following questions?

  • Who should have a private key? What should I do if the person with the private key quits?
  • How should the multi-sig mechanism be designed?
  • How do you choose public chain and private chain?
  • Is the contract security secure? What should you do to prevent tokens from being stolen?
  • Who has nodes?
  • Is it possible to upgrade blockchains and contracts? Will the data be carried over?
  • What will be the design of fungable (eg ERC20) and non-fungable (eg ERC721) tokens that will not require registration for a cryptocurrency exchange business?
  • What is the design of a blockchain that is not subject to regulations?
 For enterprise applications, there are a lot of other considerations such as monitoring design, network settings, advanced security settings, and asynchronous linkage with existing systems.

Why Consensus Base

1.Expertise based on the results of blockchain system development No.1

 Consensus Base, founded in 2015, is one of the oldest company specialized in blockchain technology.Involved in more than 30 development projects and projects (as of September 2019), knows the issues specific to blockchain and maintains expertise.We involved manufacturing, logistics, heavy industry, electricity, communications, securities, agriculture, games, and entertainment.  We also participated in system development for commercial services, one of the few in Japan, and led the introduction of blockchain technology in several projects.   Therefore, you can avoid common blockchain pitfalls and reduce wasted development, reducing costs and completing development quickly.

About our achievements

2.Consistent service from consulting, system development and engineer training

 Are you in trouble asking where to start the blockchain introduction?Consensus Base’s consulting team will assist you in building the business model. When dealing with crypto assets and STO (Security Token Offering), laws and regulations may not be fully prepared, so it is difficult to know how far the business can proceed. In cooperation with lawyers who have strong ties with us, we will support you from the viewpoint of legal compliance.  Blockchain engineers are still rare. We can also support you when you train blockchain engineers in your company. Consensus Base co-plans and operates business and engineer courses at FLOC blockchain college. Using this know-how, it is also possible to create and provide unique engineer education packages for customers.  By providing consistent services such as business consulting → system development → engineer training, we support customers to strengthen their business using blockchain.

3.Rapid development using in-house developed assets

 Consensus Base continues to develop services and products at Ethereum. These assets are not only provided as services themselves, but can also be expanded and customized to realize customer system functions. This can greatly shorten the development period.

Technical consulting support

 Consensus Base can also participate in projects as technical consulting. New blockchain technology is emerging every day, and you may not even realize that there are pitfalls in the policy you choose. We will provide technical support based on the latest technological trends led by our representative Shimo.
Our experience as technical consulting
  • – My Crypto Heroes(Adviser:Our representative Shimo)
  • Good Luck 3 Inc. RAKUN(Adviser:Our representative Shimo)
  • Otaku Coin Association – Otaku Coin(Adviser:Our representative Shimo)

Want to build a system in a month?

The construction of a PoC system using a blockchain usually proceeds as follows. 1.Hearing
The consulting team will also listen to what issues the customer has and what the blockchain is trying to solve. 2.PoC summary
Define the points to be realized in the blockchain and the points to be verified in the PoC. 3.Blockchain technology selection
Select the optimal blockchain technology. We often use Ethereum, but consider other options. It also includes the use of peripheral technology. 4.Development, environment construction
We develop not only the contract on the blockchain but also the screen UI and API. Create a state that can be used in the cloud environment. 5.Validation
Verify that the PoC objectives have been achieved. Our members will support not only the environment utilization but also how to show the demonstration. If a customer is already considering and the problem is clear, a PoC system can be built in a month. Please consult us as it may be possible to shorten the period.

Microsoft Azure × Consensus Base

 Consensus Base is promoting collaboration with Microsoft Japan in the blockchain business. Microsoft Japan develops and provides blockchain services (BaaS: blockchain as a service) on the Azure environment. Consensus Base has a long track record of developing blockchain-related services on Azure, which is used to shorten the period and incorporate new technologies.

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Consensus Base is the first company in Japan specializing in blockchain technology and provides advice, consulting, development and education as a company with specialized knowledge and technology.

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