Consensus Base Inc.
provides knowledge of Blockchain.

Consensus Base Inc. has been developing business as the first specialized company in blockchain technology in Japan, and has advised, consulted, developed and educated as a company with expert knowledge and skills.

Many development achievements and know-how with major companies
In addition to conducting block chain verification experiments for the first time in Japan, we have experience and know-how of many field trials mainly on top-class large enterprises in the industry. For that reason, we are familiar with many problems and solution methods that occur when adopting new technologies, so we can design and implement more quickly without wasteful trial-and-errors. Read more
SoftBank Corp.
Daiwa Securities Group Inc.
Seven Bank, Ltd.
NEC Corporation
Internet Initiative Japan Inc.
ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation … and many others (in no particular order, titles omitted) 
Our approach to block chain development

While most companies specializing in the specific block chain implementation, Consensus Base does not specialize in specific block chain implementation and does not recommend a specific implementation. We have the knowledge and achievements of many block chain packages, and we have the advantage that we can propose the optimal implementation by presenting a comparative chart of implementation of block chains, distributed ledger technologies that are most suitable for problem solving.

Block chain consulting

We will help you connect the latest block chain technology to your business with our wide knowledge.
Also, not limited to the specific block chain implementation, since we cover the block chains and the implementation of distributed ledgers in general, we have knowledge on a wide range of implementations. We can judge the advantages and disadvantages from many implementations, select the implementation of the optimum block chain for your business and purpose, design the architecture, and develop it.

Education in block chain ~ Workshop/Study meeting
“I took charge of the block chain in the company, but I do not really understand even if I research it by myself.” “I really want to touch the block chain technology and learn through practice.” For such people, Consensus Base makes use of expert knowledge and conducts block chain study group and workshop. In the workshop, there are practical contents such as fund transfer of the virtual currency by actually using the PC from the basic knowledge of the block chain, basic commentary. It is possible to organize workshops tailored to each company.
Please feel free to contact us by e-mail. Achievements of corporate study group (companies that can be disclosed)
Internet Initiative Japan Inc.
Bitcoin, Ethereum workshop for engineers held
Read more (Japanese)
Seven Bank, Ltd.
In-house lecture on block chain
Read more (Japanese)
Study meeting on block chain was held For further information, please contact us.
Block chain communities
We are actively engaged in various activities to further expand the possibilities of block chain. One of them is the first technical group in Japan, Japan Blockchain User Group. Besides, We are also a member of BCCC-Blockchain Collaborative Consortium and JBA – Japan Blockchain Association, and doing enlightenment and advice on block chain technology and business.

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Consensus Base is the first company in Japan specializing in blockchain technology and provides advice, consulting, development and education as a company with specialized knowledge and technology.

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