Consensus Base conducts blockchain education, in-house training, human resource development, and study sessions.

Consensus Base can help customers use blockchain themselves through education and training services.

Production and management experience of educational courses jointly planned with FLOC Blockchain College

 Consensus Base co-operates with FLOC Co., Ltd., an educational course to develop blockchain human resources, and is responsible for course design, preparation of lecture materials, and instructors.  In the “Business Course”, we use the knowledge gained from the business consulting experience of Consensus Base and share practical examples of blockchain use in business with students.  In the “Engineer Course”, lectures will be given together with the results of Consensus Base technical consulting and system development, as well as research results on the latest technological trends. In addition, we conduct hands-on development of focusing on Ethereum technology, and we are designing courses so that more practical skills can be acquired. You can take business courses and engineer courses. FLOCロゴ


A quick catch-up of blockchain technology is required

 The technological advancement of blockchain is one of the fastest-growing areas humanity has ever experienced.
 It is no wonder that the technology we are learning now becomes an old technology the next week.
 Blockchain is still a developing technology and it is  always necessary to keep up with the latest trends.
 Consensus Base has deployed resources within the company to catch up on the latest technology trends, and has established a system that allows the latest technology to be understood and utilized at all times.
 Consensus Base made a demonstration of Libra, a new cryptocurrency announced by Facebook on June 18, 2019.

Libra special seminar held at FLOC on July 10, 2019

Libra WEB Seminar

Education and training provided by Consensus Base

 Education and training content customized to your industry, business, and services can be prepared. It can also be provided in combination with business consulting and system development. Please consult us.
Example of customized education / training:
  • 90 minute lecture
  • Engineer training with hands-on for about 3 days
  • Participation of customer engineers in PoC development and support
  • Our engineers carefully explain the system configuration and source code when PoC development is completed
Themes handled:
  • Business
    • Examples of blockchain business use
    • Blockchain in finance
    • DeFi(Decentralized Finance)
    • ICO/IEO(Initial Coin Offering / Initial Exchange Offering)
    • STO (Security Token Offering)
    • Utilization of DID(Decentralized IDentity)
  • Technology
    • Bitcoin , Ethereum
    • Smart contract development using Ethereum
    • Building a blockchain environment using Azure
    • Service development using blockchain
    • Blockchain utilization system development for enterprises
  • Others
    • Libra
Please contact us for other themes.
Major education and training provided in the past
  • Seven Bank,Ltd. In-house study session
  • Internet Initiative Japan Inc. Technical workshop
Other study group, workshop, seminar, lecture and talk, events by us

Books written by Consensus Base

Consensus Base has authored the following books:
2019/09/02 [Books]「図解即戦力 ブロックチェーンのしくみと開発がこれ1冊でしっかりわかる教科書」
From basic technology to the latest development cases, all the essential knowledge of the blockchain industry is packed into this one book. Author : Consensus Base Inc.
Publisher: Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd
Language: Japanese
Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd(ver:PDF):Here
2018/11/30 [e-books] 「ブロックチェーン イーサリアムへの入り口 第二版」

Ethereum e-book is written wirh  NEC Corporation. Author: NEC Corporation,Consensus Base Inc.
Publisher: NEC Corporation
Language: Japanese
2017/03/31 [e-books] 「ブロックチェーン ビットコインへの入り口」

Bitcoine-book is written wirh  NEC Corporation.
Author: NEC Corporation,Consensus Base Inc.
Publisher: NEC Corporation
Language: Japanese
Available devices : ereader, Android, iPhone, iPad, app for desktop pc e-books

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Consensus Base is the first company in Japan specializing in blockchain technology and provides advice, consulting, development and education as a company with specialized knowledge and technology.

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