Our CEO gives a half-day seminar at JOHOKIKO Co., Ltd.

On July 6, 2017, CEO Hiroshi Shimo gives a half-day seminar at JOHOKIKO Co., Ltd.
Registration is now open. You can apply from the link below.

“Basic structure of block chains and business opportunities”

· [Block chain] Understand the mechanism and explore business opportunities!
· “Business model that currently has profits?”
· ”Common misunderstanding of block chain?!”

● Date and time: Thursday, July 6, 2017 12: 30-16: 30
● Venue: [Kyurian] the 2nd floor special room, 4rd floor, Oimachi, Tokyo Direction
● Tuition: 41,040 yen/person (tax included (8% consumption tax), with materials)
* When two or more companies apply at the same time, 30,240 yen per person
* Academic discount; 50% discount on tuition for students and teachers.

Application and details (Link to JOHOKIKO Co., Ltd.’s page)

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