The third challenge of Softbank block chain ideation started

“Softbank Corporation, we are supporting as engineering consultant, organized the 3rd challenge of blockchain ideation series.

Since January 2016, Softbank Corp. has conducted R&D on a platform that realizes highly reliable transactions on the Internet by utilizing block chain technology.
As part of this effort, they have tried to find attractive ideas that could lead to the creation of new services in the future so they hold contest series.
This challenge series is divided into three parts and it is the third stage now.

◆ Service Ideation 【SoftBank Blockchain Challenge】
* March 31, 2017 (Japan time)
– Challenge # 3 –
Block chain service idea challenge using output from challenge # 1

Completed – Challenge # 1 – Build a general block architecture for a new block chain service idea.
Completed – Challenge # 2 How to motivate the miners!

About this challenge
This contest series was held on “”Topcoder””, the world’s largest developer community.
* For details on the contest, please see the release from Softbank Corporation.
here (Japanese)