[Events] Announcement of an event “Block Chain Specific Project Management for Engineers”

“This is an announcement of our company event.

“”Block Chain Specific Project Management for Engineers””
From requirement definition in development of block chain to planning detailed specifications, development, project management

Contents: For those who want to manage the development of block chains from now on, we talked about from the unique requirement definition of block chain, design specifications, to project management .

· Block chain / What is specific to the project
· Knowledge on implementation of block chains
· Stability of block chain mounting
· Engineer talent
· Flow of development of block chain
· Requirement definitions and design points of block chains
· Ability necessary for block chain / project
· Required skills for SE, PM, architect, programmer
· Project management of block chain development / Management,
We shared the actual field experience.

Target: In this event, engineers who had experience in developing team for over 3 years gathered.

Date and time: Saturday, May 20, 2017
14:20 Start reception
14:40 Event start
15:30 ~ 16:30 Social gathering (drinks and sweets prepared)
16:50 Dissolution

Things to bring: 3,000 yen for participation fee, 1 business card

Application: Use Connpass to apply.