October 1: FLOC Blockchain Daigakko, 5th Stage of Business Course Begins


From October 1, FLOC Blockchain Daigakko and the fifth phase of the business course will start. The first kick-off class will be attended by Handa, our consulting manager, and will explain a wide range of topics from basic knowledge of business use of blockchain to applications in various industries and future prospects.

Class Content

In all 12 classes, instructors who are active in the front line will explain in detail, from the cryptocurrency exchange business model to the latest trends in ICO/STO, regulatory trends, and the launch of a blockchain business using Azure. Our company, Shimo And Handa, is scheduled to attend about half of the classes.

The survey evaluation after the course is 4.6 out of 5 points, and it is a course with a high degree of satisfaction, and it is possible to take the Web. Application, please click here !


Our blockchain education service

Consensus Base Co., Ltd. can also provide educational programs with unique content for each company. We will conduct in-house training by creating original content after hearing in detail the industry trends of customer companies, blockchain related services to be provided in the future, and the target engineer image. Consensus Base Co., Ltd. creates content that fully utilizes the expertise gained in business consulting, technical consulting, and system development so far, and trains blockchain engineers as short as possible. Please contact us from the support at the bottom right of this page.