Announcement of corporate logo change

Consensus Base Inc. (Headquarter: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Hiroshi Shimo)
We inform you of our corporate logo change.
Since February 1, 2017, we have switched to the new logo sequentially.

1. Reason for change

Prior to company’s establishment in 2015, we have been doing business specializing in block chain technology,
So far we have used green-based corporate colors.
The new design will be bright blue-based, with the acronym “C” of Consensus Base and
We symbolize “block chain” as a symbol, and it expresses spreading and development of block chain starting with our service

2. New Corporate Logo

コンセンサス・ベイス株式会社 新ロゴ

3. When to change

Starting on 1st February 2017