We introduce the contents of the in-house training, workshops, seminars and study sessions about block chain that we have done for companies so far.
We are welcome to assemble contents for each company’s demands and issues.
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Table of Contents
In-house Training, Workshops, Seminars and Study sessions about block chain
Lectures on block chain
Block chain related events

In-house Training, Workshops, Seminars and Study sessions about block chain

June 2016 Workshop with Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

An in-house workshop held on Bitcoin and Ethereum for engineers (engineers of Ethereum).
Not only overviewed block chains, but also they actually moved bitcoins and executed the command of Ethereum.
It had a favorable reception with such practical contents.


Part 1 – Outline of Bitcoin and client side action
· An outline of Bitcoin
· Experience the exchanges of bitcoins with wallet and deepen your understanding

Part 2 – Server side operation
· Explanation of Bitcoin Core and Bitcoind
· Actually using Bitcoind, generate address, generate tx, make remittance

Part 3 – Learn about Bitcoin application – Creating and sending unique coins using Counterparty
· Applications of Bitcoin
· An outline of Counterparty + Create your own asset with Counterparty
· Exchange bitcoins in the local network version regtest mode


Part 1 – Overview of Ethereum and client side behavior
· An outline of Ethereum
· Actually touch Ethereum and know what it is like

Part 2 – Server side operation
· Commentary on Geth and Solidity
· Write contracts from compiling to deploying

Part 3 – Advanced version: Making Smart Contracts
· What is a contract?
· Actually write code, deploy it and test it

September 2016 Study meeting with NTT DATA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT CONSULTING, Inc.

October 2015 In-house lecture with Seven Bank, Ltd.

· What is Bitcoin ~ Background of birth, difference from conventional virtual currencies
· What is block chain technology – what is amazing, what can be done
· How block chain works
· Examples of usage in the world and future prospects
· Background and features of business block chains and distributed ledgers

Others private
(Foreign-affiliated companies, Japanese-affiliated securities companies, incorporated corporations, ministries, start-up companies, etc.)

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Lectures on block chain

Give a semi-day seminar at JOHOKIKO CO.,LTD. on July 6, 2017

Application is now open. You can apply at the link below.

‘Basic structure of block chains and business opportunities’

· [Block chain] Understand the mechanism and explore business opportunities!
· “Business model that currently has profits”?
“Common misunderstanding of block chain”?!

Speech at the Financial Sector of the Block Chain Collaborative Consortium (BCCC)

“The latest trend of block chain use in finance”

  1. Current block chain movement in finance
  2. Recent inquiries about finance
  3. Findings obtained from the demonstration experiment
    · Basic knowledge of the block chain
    · Shape of block chain operation
    · Public vs private vs DLT
    · Flow of present-to-future issues
    · Common purpose of block chain
    · Problems and solutions that have been seen in field trials
    · What is Trust Design?
    · Security
    · Privacy
  4. Future of Finance × Block Chain
    · The future of block chain implementation
    · Block chain and financial industry

April 25, 2017
“Nikkei FinTech Exclusive Seminar”

CEO Hiroshi Shimo speech at Private Event “Nikkei FinTech Exclusive Seminar Theme: “Block Chain / Bitcoin Front Line” sponsored by Nikkei FinTech”
Description: “Outline of the latest status of block chains (topics and cases in Japan and overseas)”

January 27, 2017
Discussed at Aoyama Start-up Acceleration Center (ASAC) event as a panelist

CEO Hiroshi Shimo participated as a panelist on “Block Chain Created World”.

October, 2016
Discussed at the FPL Japan Electronic Trading Conference 2016 as a panelist

The theme of the panel discussion is “paradigm shift with block chain”. What is block chain technology? Discussed the influence on business flow, including the existing settlement system, and the strategy of the business provider.

September 2016
CEO Hiroshi Shimo lectured at the 1st FinTech Forum hosted by the Bank of Japan,

The theme of the 1st FinTech Forum (at Bank of Japan Headquarter in Tokyo) is “Possibilities and Points to Note on Biometric Technology at FinTech” and “Examples of Implementing Block Chain Technology in the Financial Field and its Safety Measures “. CEO Shimo made a presentation on “Safety and Security of Block Chain”.

“Safety and Security of Block Chains”

Overview of security on (mainly public) block chains
· What is security?
· Block chain specific security
· Security layer examples
· Governance and economics
· Design and security

  1. Differences between public and private
  2. Safety of consensus algorithm
  3. Designing and managing nodes
    · Network security
    · Safety regarding node discovery
    · Safety of P2P networks
    · Route safety
    · Problems caused by forks
    · Software safety
    · Software safety and countermeasures
    · Cryptographic safety
    · Future outlook and movements on security

※ The material of the day is also posted on the website of the Bank of Japan.

The 1st FinTech Forum Resources: Bank of Japan Presentation Material

【Safety and Security of Block Chain】 PDF here


July 2016
Technical lecture at event of computer software association Japan (CSAJ)

CEO Hiroshi Shimo gave a blockchain technology lecture to CSAJ member companies and non-member companies.

Fintech’s Future / Possibility of Block Chain ~ Learning the latest trends in the IT industry ~

Technical lecture
“Basic Technology and Application of Block Chain”
Explained the basic technology of “block chain” from the block chain of Bitcoin. And other application of block chain mounting to business, and future prospects

March 2016
NTT DATA Sponsored “From Toyosu Port”

CEO Hiroshi Shimo held a discussion on the current state of block chains and the possibilities of the future with the 2nd regular meeting “Block Chain” sponsored by NTT DATA.

October 2015
The FIBC (Financial Innovation Business Conference) event

CEO Hiroshi Shimo gave a presentation at the block chain seminar.

“Block Chain Seminar – How does Block Chain Change Finance?”

Venue: FINE TOKYO (Otemachi Financial City South Tower 5F)

【Block Chains and Finance】

  • Trends in the world
  • What is block chain?
  • What is amazing with block chain?
  • Block chain and finance
You can watch it here.

Block Chain Seminar: Panel Discussion (Movie)

Panel discussion with Orb (COO: Mr. Kenji Senoo, Chief Scientist: Mr. Kenji Saito) and Tech Bureau, Corp. (Representative: Mr. Takuya Asayama, CBO: Mr. Makoto Takemiya)

September 25, 2015
Gave a presentation on Fintech Day at “iMEDIA BREAKTHROUGH SUMMIT”

“Bitcoin basic course 2: Wallet”. (English session)

・Mr. Nicolas Dorier (Moderator. Metaco CTO)
・Mr. Roger Ver (angel investor)
・Mr. Adam Traidman (breadwallet)
・Mr. Hiroshi Shimo (Consensus Base CEO)



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Block chain related events

May 20, 2017
Project management specific to block chains for engineers

As a block chain expert, CEO Hiroshi Shimo, who has participated in many projects such as demonstration experiments, talked about his expertise necessary to smoothly advance development projects related to block chains. Topics were from the unique requirements definitions, specifying specifications, to management block chain project.
“Project manager for blockers specific to engineers?”

· Examples of remarkable block chain projects
· What is unique to blockchain projects
· Knowledge on implementation of block chains
· Stability of block chain mounting
· Human resources, development flow, and its tips
· Form of development, requirement definition etc.

April 12, 2017
Three reasons and methods to become a block chain engineer

Description: For those who want to learn blockchain technology, we explained why they should learn, what to learn, and how to learn. Interwoven with the skills that have been required at the site of various block chain projects and the capabilities uniquely required in the block chain industry.

We talked from experience of the actual sites such as;
· Why should you learn block chain technology
· Value of a block chain engineer
· Block chain technology learning method for engineers

March 2, 2017
Recruitment event for those who want to work in the block chain industry

“Commentary on the block chain industry for those who want to work there”
· Bitcoin/block chain industry history in Japan
· Bitcoin/block chain affiliate in Japan
· Trends in the block chain industry in the world
· Type of human resources and skills required by the industry

–→Appearance and publication history on media can be seen from here.


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