Consensus Base has
many achievements with major companies

Prior to the establishment, we have accumulated experience in the developments of block chain, centering on major companies. In addition to development projects, we offer consulting on block chain, lecture activities and contributions on block chain technology at various locations including Bank of Japan.

Main achievements
SoftBank Corp.

We carried out a block chain demonstration experiment of the international fund-raising platform.
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Daiwa Institute of Research Holdings Ltd.

Demonstration experiment for application of block chain technology to Myanmar capital market was carried out. Read more (Japanese)

GMO GlobalSign K.K.

We developed and verified the service of the identity authentication system on the block chain.
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NEC Corporation

We co-authored “Entrance to Block Chain/Bitcoin” with Financial Digital Innovation Technology Development Office of Financial System Development Division NEC Corporation.
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Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

Bitcoin, Ethereum engineer workshop was held.
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Seven Bank, Ltd.

We gave an in-house lecture on block chain. Read more (Japanese)

Achievements with private companies
Besides companies that can make public announcements, we have many achievements on block chain development consulting, internal training etc.
Consulting for telecommunications company
Consulting for sales office/exchange of encryption currency
e-commerce business consulting using block chain
Ethereum application development and consulting

There are many achievements including leading companies.

Lecture, Workshop
A number of lectures on bitcoin/block chain/in-house technical training
Achievement by our CEO
Besides Consensus Base, our CEO has experienced multiple CTOs of block chain companies and has experience of many block chain demonstration experiments.

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Block chain development
Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (Field trial in securities field)
Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.,Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd., Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd., CurrencyPort Limited (demonstration experiment of syndicated loan)
Japan Exchange Group, Inc., Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (Empirical experiment applying to securities business)

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Marketing, Promotion
Promotion of overseas block chain related services in Japan (GetGems, Storj, Factom, Augur etc.)

Lecture, Translation, Others
Construct and translate Japanese site of global bitcoin related project
Japanese translation of applications and documents (GetGems Messanger, Factom, Augur, Breadwallet, Mastering Bitcoin, etc.)
Other activities such as seminars and lectures on block chains

You can see the presentation at the Block Chain Seminar at the Financial Innovation Business Conference (FIBC) 2015 here.
Block Chain Seminar “Block Chain and Finance”

Technology we performed

Application development using bitcoin (Open Assets Protocol)


Network construction/application development using Ethereum,


Network construction/application development using Eris


Network construction/application development using HydraChain


Network construction at Hyperledger Fabric