“At the Special Session on Pre-Event for the establishment of the “”BCCC Smart City Section””(to be established in June 2017) of Block Chain Collaborative Consortium (BCCC), Our CEO Hiroshi Shimo moderated the Panel Discussion.

◆ Outline of “”Smart City Section””
Chairperson: Nayuta Corporation Representative Director Kenichi Kurimoto
Purpose: Technical exchanges and information sharing on applications of smart city and block chain to IoT, implementation of demonstration experiments as a corporation aggregate
Activities: Holding regular study sessions and sharing information among participating members. Activities as a block chain community specialized in smart city and IoT domain.

Date: Friday, June 9, 2017

◆ Pre-Event Special Session
· IoT × Block chain promising application?
· When does IoT × block chains stand up?
· Sharing Services using block chains
· M2M micropayment
· Issues when using block chains for IoT and Smart City

Moderator: Hiroshi Shimo – CEO at Consensus Base Inc.

Yoichiro Hirano – Representative Director of Infoteria Corporation
Takehiro Matsuura – Next Generation Systems Laboratory, GMO Internet, Inc.
Yukinori Sugii – CEO Representative Director of CurrencyPort Limited
Kenichi Kurimoto – President at Nayuta inc.

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